Constant Oxygen Supply Chain to hospitals is being maintained: say DIC Srinagar officials


Two Oxygen plants in Khonmoh IE supplying 1000 oxygen cylinders to hospitals per day

Srinagar: The second wave of Covid-19 pandemic has seen huge surge of Covid positive cases which has created a necessity of increased oxygen production to support hospitals because oxygen is the elementary lifeline and most important life supporting weapon to help severe Covid Positive patients to recover from the disease.

In this regard, the Jammu & Kashmir Government has put together all the resources to increase the oxygen production and maintain the oxygen supply chain with ever growing demand for oxygen.

In Kashmir all the tertiary hospitals have been equipped with oxygen concentration plants to cope up with pandemic induced demand.

“Two Oxygen production plants located in Khonmoh Industrial Estate, Stealth Oxygen Plant and Mian Gases are maintaining a constant oxygen supply to Tertiary and Government Medical College Associated hospitals besides district hospitals,” said a Senior Officer of District Industries Centre, Srinagar who has been deputed to oversee the operations.

He stated that the District Administration is monitoring the oxygen production capacity of these oxygen plants in Khanmoh Industrial Estate.

The officer informed that the oxygen production capacity of these two plants is 3500 to 3600 cubic meters which is supplied to all the allied hospitals on daily bases in about one thousand cylinders.

A senior officer of Industries & Commerce department when contacted said that there are four oxygen manufacturing plants in Kashmir Division having an overall production capacity of 17400 cubic metre which works out to a total production of roughly 2483 oxygen cylinders in 24 hours.

The officer said the Industries & Commerce department is closely monitoring the oxygen plants and has deployed Industrial promotion Officers (IPOs) to maintain oversight of the whole production and distribution process, which helped streamline the oxygen distribution to a large extent.