This is hypocrisy par excellence. The UT administration has approached the Jammu and Kashmir High Court seeking review of its October 9 judgment declaring Roshni Act void ab initio and cancelling all land transfers done under it, saying in the same vein that its order has restored rule of law and stopped implementation of the Act which was unconstitutional in its very intent and was furthermore misused in the manner it was administered.  For this, it even tries to divide occupants of state land into different categories, it says in the review petition that “a large number of common people would suffer unintentionally. This include landless cultivators and individuals who are themselves residing in dwellings on small areas. They are unfortunately clubbed with the rich and wealthy land grabbers who have obtained a title over state land through the provisions of now struck down Act’’. However, question remains that by trying to categorize occupants of state land into different groups on the basis of economic status, does administration intend to justify the encroachment of state land by those with poor economic background.