No troops movement in Eastern Ladak areas where both sides have disengaged: Gen Naranavane


New Delhi: Chief of Army Staff General M M Naravane on Wednesday said that there has been no movement of troops in areas in Eastern Ladakh where Chinese and the Indian troops have disengaged. 

@We all come to our training areas during this particular period. Similarly, China has also come to its training area,” the Army chuef said. 

“There has been no movement in any areas where we have disengaged from. Pangong Tso disengagement has been honoured from both sides,” he added.

As far as the force preservation is concerned, all those instructions that we had passed last year, were again brought into effect for this year also,” Gen Naravane said. The number of cases in the Indian army has also shown a downtrend after the initial surge, he added.

There were around 1,800 oxygen beds in the military hospitals in the middle of April. The number has now increased to around 4,000. We doubled the number of oxygen plants to 42, Army Chief said.