Ware House traders establish War Rooms for Oxygen, Ration & Medicines


Jammu: At a time when there are public complaints about the non-availability of beds and oxygen in Covid designated hospitals, traders in Jammu’s Ware House Nehru Market have once again come forward and constituted separate groups to help people get oxygen, medicines and ration in this difficult time of the pandemic.

Regretting that people in Jammu region continued to be looked upon with a “jaundiced eye’’ even in such critical times despite reporting higher mortality rate, Traders Federation Ware House Nehru Market (Regd) president Deepak Gupta said that they have established three wars rooms in the Federation office for the supply of oxygen, ration and medicines to the needy people. He also released the details of people including their contact numbers looking after these war rooms – Oxygen War Room, Ration War Room and Medicine War Room.

This has not been the first time that Ware House Nehru Market Traders Federation has come to the service of people in difficult times. They had supplied ration and other essential items to the needy people even during prolonged bandh in Amarnath agitation, 2014 floods, last year’s first wave of COVID-19 and so on.

Expressing concern over the present scenario in Jammu division, he said the “hospitals are out of beds, patients not getting oxygen beds and ventilators’’. The “highly baised and prejudicial treatment’’ to Jammu division was evident from the fact that out of 46 Oxygen Generation Plants in government sector in Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu had a mere 12 as 34 others were in Kashmir Valley, he said quoting official fact sheet.

“Where is the planning,’’ the Traders Federation leader asked the administration while referring to the non-availability of hospital beds, shortage of medicines. Pointing out that crematoriums are full and front line workers are exhausted, he asked “why are we short of facilities’’.

Gupta said that the federation has more than 100 Oxygen cylinders, 5 Bipap Machines, 5 Oxygen concentrators and sufficient number of Oxygen Flow meters and anyone in need can contact on our helpline numbers. Similarly, federation has established Ration War Room and Medicine War Room for the needy people. 

He said that the lockdown has already disproportionately hurt marginalized communities due to loss of livelihood and lack of food andother basic needs. “We took the responsibility to protect thehealth and well-being of the population in this hour of crisis. Our people are facing an extraordinary challenge and federation has decided to provide free ration and medicines to the poor and vulnerable populations among other things,’’ he added. 

Pointing out that the Federation will try to ensure that everyone has access to food and medical care, he announced the helpline numbers of war rooms established by the Federation, saying these will be operational 24×7.

Oxygen War Room :

Rajeev Gupta : 9419296363

Vipul Gupta : 9419126704

Kapil Gupta : 9419202217

Ankur Gupta : 9419194708

Rahul Mahajan : 7006464260

Sandeep Gupta : 9419189494

Ration War Room :

Ankush Gupta : 9419135298

Tanishk Gupta : 7889517923

Sahil Gupta : 9796003812

Raghav Gupta : 9419397733

Nihal Gupta : 7006562285

Lucky Gupta :9797300449

Medicine War Room :

Akash Behl : 9796072100

Rahul Gupta : 9419133199

Sourab Gupta : 9419155837

Ankit Gupta:9419222775

Atul Mahajan: 9419198055

Vijay Gupta : 9796828899