4-YO Indian origin girl almost beats Eintein’s IQ while we still struggle to remember tables


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Well here is a 4-year-old Indian origin Dayaal Kour whom you definitely would not be able to outwit. She was ecently inducted into the Mensa Society for scoring a rather unbelievable 145 on their IQ test., reports mensxp, a news portal.

The Mensa Society is a group of the smartest people in the world, all of whom have unbelievably high IQs. Even Albert Einstein was a member of it and even he was not its top scorer. However, for many people, getting a score closer to him is an achievement for them. 

While Albert Einstein had a score of 160 IQ points at his peak, Dayaal Kour managed to get a score of 145 IQ points, at the age of 4. As she grows older, the chances of her getting a higher score increase exponentially.

According to a local Birmingham newspaper, Dayaal learned the alphabet when she was just 14 months old and had started counting to 20 before she was 16 months old. By this time, she was also able to construct basic sentences. 

Dayaal also went through a psyche evaluation, which recommended that she should be fast-tracked at her school, and moved up a year. Her parents, Sarbjit and Raj Singh are of course proud.

“I knew she was an exceptional child. I am biased, but it was crazy how quickly she was able to learn the alphabet and read. I could have a proper conversation with her when she was only two – it was incredible,” said Sarbjit. Quite often, Raj and he need to Google answers to Dayaal’s questions, as they simply can’t keep up. Dayaal is particularly interested in astronomy, and space, he added.

Currently, Sarbjit and Raj are trying to get Dayaal’s school to fast-track her, at the behest of the Mensa psychologist, who evaluated her. They believe that if Dayaal is not challenged adequately at this age, and is in the same class as other students of her age, she might get frustrated.

The Mensa Society also stated that they only accept about 5 per cent of the applications that they get from the UK every year and that Daayal was in the top 0.01 per cent of the entire UK, in terms of intelligence, and mental acuity. 

Imagine being that smart, when you’ve still got your milk teeth on. 

No matter what room she’s in chances are, that Daayal will always be the smartest person in the room.