Delhi to start unlocking from Monday; construction sites, factories will reopen


New Delhi: Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday said there will be gradual unlocking in the Capital starting from May 31 as the Covid-19 situation is coming under control. 

However, Delhi will take one step at a time and will not unlock all activities as there has to be a balance between containment and the resumption of economic activities, the chief misaid. Only construction activities and factories will be reopened from Monday keeping the interest of the daily wagers in mind. Everything else will remain shut. A detailed guideline will be issued, the CM said, urging people to not come out of their houses unless absolutely necessary.

“The number of Covid-19 cases in Delhi is steadily coming down and the credit goes to the 2 crore people of Delhi that the second wave of the pandemic has been brought under control in a month. In the last 24 hours, around 1,100 new cases have been recorded and the positivity rate has come down to 1.5 per cent. Beds, including ICU beds, oxygen beds are also available in the city now,” Kejriwal said.

At a meeting of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority, chaired by lieutenant governor Anil Baijal, it has been decided that the unlocking process of the Capital will begin as the ongoing lockdown continues till 5am, May 31. “The Covid-19 situation has been brought under control after much effort. The battle is still not won. The gains of the one-month lockdown should not be squandered away. So experts favour a phase-wise unlocking,” Kejriwal said.

Migrants from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar residing in Delhi are mostly employed at factories and construction sites, Kejriwal said explaining why the decision two open these two sectors has been taken.