Indian Army’s silent warriors who remain operationally ready in any contingency


Poonch: Army Dogs are integral part of infantry units and have been the part of various risk operation in Counter Insurgency scenario.

These Silent Warriors remains operationally ready to react in any contingency and are always relied upon by soldiers during sensitive missions. Their inherent extraordinary capabilities of smell, vision and hearing are being extensively exploited to aid Counter Insurgency operations worldwide.

As force-multipliers, they have done excellent job as tracker, explosive detector or even as guard dogs. Notwithstanding above, these Silent Warriors carry out road opening duties on daily basis and provide safe passage to military and civil vehicle on civil road.

For their commendable job these silent warriors and their handlers have been awarded with Sena Medal, Chief of Army Staff Commendation Card and General Officer Commanding-in-Chief on many occasions of Independence Day/ Republic Day. Since their induction, Army Dogs have been extensively deployed in both peace and in war.

Right from the deployment as guard dogs initially in 1962 these Army dogs have rendered invaluable service in tracking saboteurs/ enemy agents and guarding vital installation during both Indo-Pak conflicts in 1965 and 1975.

They were also extensively used to guard POW camps after the 1971 war. Their unmatched excellence in detecting explosives and IED’s have saved thousands of lives of soldiers and civilians which otherwise could have been devastating.

These brave, reliable and indispensable force multipliers along with their masters/ handlers have thus earned a mark of respect and garnered a lot of appreciation from their users from all arms of the Armed forces.

The silent warriors paid tribute to valiant soldiers of the Armed Forces who made supreme sacrifice during the war by saluting the victory flame at HQ 6 Sect Rashtriya Rifles to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the victory achieved in the 1971 Indo-Pak war.