A Septuagenarian with severe asthma survives COVID-19 in Kishtwar village


Timely treatment, strong will power helped me to defeat corona’

Kishtwar:  Devraj Sharma,   a chronic Asthma patient in his early seventies, who survived severe covid conditions, gives credit of his recovery to timely treatment by the medical team monitoring him and his will power.

While narrating his story he said, “I had been a chronic asthmatic patient and my condition generally gets worse in winters. Unfortunately in the mid of the May month, I started feeling unwell, the intensity of my cough increased and I was unable to walk alone.”

For being fortunate, a team of the health department reached his village Panditgam and Dev Raj volunteered for a test and  tested positive.

“I immediately went for home isolation. I called the health authorities and they checked my oxygen saturation level. It was 80-83, they also provided me with an Oxymeter, COVID-19 kit and suggested medicines and educated me about all the SOPs. That day   my oxygen saturation was dropping, but fortunately the next day it touched borderline” he added.

Narrating his condition during the tough time of isolation, he said, “I have no words for the level of concern and treatment which was being given by the medical team and constant support of COVID-19 Control cell and my family. All boosted my confidence. They counselled and kept me highly motivated. Having read and heard  about many elderly COVID patients having survived covid complications, I felt it is necessary to build  my will power to defeat the virus.” he said with full confidence.

He strongly urged people to get vaccinated as he himself had taken both doses of vaccination which boosted his immunity. “If you find slightest symptoms, please get yourself tested and in case you test positive there is no need to be terrified, don’t lose hope, keep yourself motivated, take prescribed medicines, drink lukewarm water, take steam, Do exercise  ,  follow SOPs, take   proper diet and stay strong” he said in one breath.

“My father has a very strong will power which finally helped him to recovery in just 10 days despite being asthametic patient” said  Devraj Sharma son.