Covid-19 situation demands deeply committed youth for humanitarian work: Chrungoo


Jammu: Prominent Kashmiri Pandit leader Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, who also happens to be the inchare of BJP’s Department of Political Affairs and Feedback in J&K, said that the unprecedented situation caused due to the present Covid-19 exigency demands deeply committed youth volunteers in the field of activism as the self-appointed advisors and critics with dubious intent have absolutely no role to play in the extreme conditions necessitating relief, humanitarian work and welfare measures.

Addressing a facebook-live programme today in an intimate conversation with the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the KP Diaspora, he laid more focus on the involvement of youth cadres in humanitarian and social cause and asked the youth to keep party and partisan politics at bay for some time. This was his first address after his discharge from the Hospital consequent upon Covid19 positivity and severe Lungs infection, a statement here said.

There can be no two opinions about the fact of the situation that around 5,000 families of the JKUT have severally suffered due to Covid19 deaths over the last fourteen months, he said. Surprisingly, around 1,000 KP families also lost their members from January 2020 till date due to the pandemic crisis, he added.

The total KP figures comprise almost 20 per cent of the tragedy in this context in the UT related deaths in and outside the JKUT, he said.  It is almost reminiscent of 1990-91 situation when due to the terrorism and after-effects, the community lost around 1,000 of its members, he added.

While all communities and sections of people have suffered equally and enormously, however, smaller communities are facing horrible victimhood of the disease, Chrungoo said, adding that it has added a large amount of psychological trauma to the general behavior of the members of the community among both the broader sections, the erstwhile Covid19 positives as well as the negatives. There can be no denying the fact that the society, community and families will have to be lifted again from the deep morass of the issue, he added.

The BJP-cum-KP leader said, “the organs of the communities, NGOs, volunteers, social activists and political leaders will have to come forward and give moral and infrastructural courage to the society. The governments have come out with new announcements and schemes for the benefit of the people affected by the disease. It is the duty of the public representatives irrespective of party affiliations to tie-up with the administration to bring succour to the doorstep of the general public”.

He made a fervent appeal to the social, cultural, philanthropic and community organisations to use their money in banks for the welfare of the public in these trying circumstances. The governments are not supposed to do every thing under the sun, they need social and community support to deliver the promises. Therefore, it is important for the society organs to be in close touch with the administrative organs of the state.

In this context, he announced a 7-member core committee of “Help Health” project which will take care of the health issues of the volunteers in the field in Jammu city and Jagti tenement. The team members include Sandip Kisru, Adv Pulkit Chrungoo, Shashank Kaul, Mithilesh Gurtu, Ishaan Bakaya, Akshay Pandita and Suhas Moza. 

One oxygen concentrator machine is at the group’s disposal with immediate effect. More infrastructure, whatever is needed, will be added with the passage of time, he added. 

He also appreciated the government under the stewardship of the PM Modi for doing a remarkable job for the last two years and in particular in context of fight against the global pandemic throughout the nation. India has been able to contain the most disastrous wave of the double-mutant Wuhanvirus and the vaccination has been a huge relief. It makes all of us dutibound to contribute as a part of this huge struggle at a national and international leve with sure success in near future”, added the BJP leader Chrungoo.