Wrong presumptions of political parties cannot set the right narrative in Valley: Chrungoo


Jammu: Senior BJP and KP leader and Incharge party’s Deptt of political affairs and feedback in J&K, Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, on Monday said that “wrong presumptions of political parties and leaders can’t set the right political narrative in Jammu & Kashmir”.
Chrungoo was addressing a webinar organised by News & Views International on the topic, “The relevance of right narrative in politics”. He explained that the political narratives can’t be manufactured but they are evolved with high investment of labour, intellect and political maturity & sagacity. In Jammu and Kashmir, artificial political narrative building was also encouraged as a ‘profession’ by many over the last seven decades.
“Manufactured political narratives are actually a facade and are also thus tantamount to fraud and deceit with the public at large. There are certain elements active in politics of J&K who would like to tell people that they would ‘prefer dialogue to gun’ and try to propose Kashmir as a party independent notwithstanding the fact that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and no power on earth can alter that reality on the ground”.
He further said that the manufactured political narrative was used in Kashmir to exploit the sentiments of the people all seven decades of the past. The developments of August 2019 are permanent in nature and no one should sell illusions to the common people to hoodwink their opinion, he added.

The BJP leader further said that “it is a sin and vice to contribute to death and destruction in Kashmir under the alibis of the facade of ‘resolution of Kashmir’, ‘dialogue with the centre’, ‘370 was a bridge’ or ‘self-determination or azadi’. Stark and consistent political failures should not be made the stepping stones to justify terrorism, use of gun, stone pelting and violence”.
He said the recent terror attacks in the valley are very serious developments in addition to some other social evils prevailing in Kashmir valley. He appealed the mainstream political voices, intellectuals and religious leaders of the valley to come up to the expectations of the history and the current prevailing scenario. The leaders of the civil society have a larger role to play to set positive working conditions and environment leading to peace, progress, development and tranquality,  he added.