Black Day Observed IkkJutt Jammu struck to streets against APM in all 10 Districts of Jammu Province, demands separate Jammu State


JAMMU: “It’s a disgrace that Jammu province is once again excised out even from discussions on J&K’s political future and the roundly condemned separatists, half-separatists and Pakistani mouthpieces from Kashmir were considered the sole factor in the UT’s political situation and invited. It’s a National Shame. It’s an affront to the self-respect of the patriotic forces across the nation in general and Jammu province, which houses 15 lakh Hindu-Sikh refugees from Pak, PoJK and Kashmir – all victims of Islamic terrorism –in particular. This was stated here today by Ikkjutt Jammu chairman, Adv Ankur Sharma, while addressing a massing gathering of Ikkjutt activists at the Press Club Jammu and demanding full state status for Jammu province.
“We the nationalistic forces are observing June 24 as a black day and holding demonstrations in all district headquarters of Jammu province to register our protest against the exclusion of Jammu province from the talks and telling New Delhi that the people of Jammu province will not live a life of servitude any longer,” Ankur Sharma also said. He added that the committed Ikkjutt Jammu activists will take rest only after the powers-that-be in New Delhi separated Jammu province from Kashmir and granted the oppressed, suppressed, humiliated, grossly ignored and politically marginalized Jammu province”.      
            Speaking on the occasion, the Ikkjutt Jammu chairman also slammed Union Govt’s Nehruvian approach in dealing with sensitive political matters concerning the sensitive and strategic UT of Jammu and Kashmir.
It must remain a matter of grave concern that our Prime Minister, who has behind him a massive nationalistic mandate, would sit and talk with subversives, pro Separatists, proclaimed Pakistani flanks and individuals involved in terror activities not only in J&K but across the nation, said Ankur Sharma, adding that that the policy-planners in the South and North Blocks wilfully chose to ignore Nationalists and saner voices of Jammu province. Ankur Sharma described this subversive conduct of the Union Government as its age-old practice of treating Jammu as a blind spot, a problem area, a simple buffer absorbing Jihadi shocks within J&K, a secular mask on Jihadist Kashmir, a geographical entity which should be kept hostage to legitimize and perpetuate Muslim Order in this strategic part of the country.
That the Modi Government will have talks exclusively with Islamists of Kashmir masquerading as mainstream political actors on the future of Jammu and Kashmir must make the nation to sit and question the Union Government’s policies towards issues of great national import, said Ankur Sharma. He bemoaned that for the Union Government, Jammu doesn’t exist and it being considered no more than a Kashmir’s colony and its citizens as no more than subjects entitled only to crumbs, coupled with humiliations. “More precisely for the Union Government, Hindus of Jammu and Kashmir are irrelevant and voiceless millions. Something more than condemnation needs to be invented to describe the humiliation being inflicted upon all of us,” said Ankur Sharma.
Ikkjutt Jammu chairman also said that this whole sinister game should be condemned by one and all. But more than condemnation, we need to realise that for the Union Government, we continue to be mere saleable commodities to be bartered away for a compromise or contract with Islamists of Kashmir. “Like in Mahabharata, we are being put at stake without our knowledge and consent to be bartered away to modern day Kourvas. Modern day Pandvas seem to be readying themselves for the betrayal of their people, their Kingdom and even personal honour. This realisation is critical. Those for whom we voted are not our liberators but our enslavers. They have hijacked our trust posing as our guardians,” said Ankur Sharma. Handling of problems in Kashmir needs Division of Kadhmir into two UTs, one exclusively for victims of Genocide.
On the occasion, the Central Executive unanimously passed resolution for further intensifying campaign for Separate Statehood for Jammu Province. Prominent, among those who were present, included Gen Secretary Ashwani Sharma, Kiran Kumar, Ajay Saini, Harish Kapoor, Vir Vikram among others.