People of J&K are in a lot of difficulties after 5th Aug 2019. They’re angry, upset & emotionally shattered. They feel humiliated. I told PM that people of J&K don’t accept the manner in which Article 370 was abrogated unconstitutionally, illegally &immorally


People of J&K will struggle constitutionally, democratically, peacefully. Be it months or yrs, we’ll restore Article 370 in J&K as it’s a matter of our identity. We didn’t get it from Pakistan, it was given to us by our country, by JL Nehru, Sardar Patel

I congratulated him that they talked to Pakistan & it led to ceasefire, less infiltration. For peace of J&K if they’ve to talk to Pakistan again, they should. They should also talk to Pak about trade with them that has halted, it’s a source of employment for many: Mehbooba Mufti