Advanced anti-drone system to be installed in J&K soon


By Bunty Mahajan

Jammu: The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is likely have advanced anti-drone system installed at vital installations especially in areas along the border with Pakistan in next two months as Indian security agencies have started looking forward test some of these including laser technology bases solutions of Israel.

In the wake of drones emerging as a serious security threat in Jammu and Kashmir, the plan is to deploy anti-drone technologies at vital and key security installations in the UT and in areas along the border with Pakistan so as to detect, intercept and inactivate drones when they are still 5-6 km away.

At present, some of the anti-drone systems, currently available with various agencies like NSG and NTRO, are already being installed and tested at locations like the Jammu airport as well as some select border stretches.

“This will help not only tackle drones being sent with payloads like the one used in the recent attack on Jammu IAF  base, but also those detected so far carrying weapons, narcotics and even ready-to-use IEDs,” sources said.

They also revealed that the IED recovered from a terrorist arrested in Jammu on the very day drones were used to attack the IAF facility in Jammu was also air dropped by a drone sent from across the border. “This shows that there may be proper control-rooms just across the border to launch the kind of sophisticated, ‘micro’ drones used to bomb the IAF facility on June 27,” they added.

The threat of drones is also from terrorists based within J&K. “Drones already in possession of civilians in J&K are being seized. Though their purpose is often explained as wedding or tourism photography, the threat of they being launched by terrorists or overground workers cannot be ruled out,” said an intelligence officer.