Sanskrit is at the root of Indian culture:Shiv Doblia


15-day Sanskrit camp organized in Basohli

Indian culture was always found alive in the unbroken tradition of Sanatan Dharma. Many religious cultures continued to be formed in the dire situations of many storms that came again and again in the history of the world and their existence also disappeared, but our culture and sanskar remained forever because in its origin Sanskrit is sitting. In the 15-day fortnightly camp organized by Chudamani Sanskrit Sansthan, Shiv Doblia not only of Basohli town, but also of Dogri language writer and thinker of Jammu and Kashmir state, threw special light on Indian culture. Devendra Premi ji told by connecting Sanskrit with music. Giving detailed information about the stage operation and fortnightly camp on this occasion, Acharya Abhishek Kumar Upadhyay, the principal of the institute, mentioned the need of running such a life-motivating camp in the global pandemic Karona. Acharya Surendra gave welcome speech and guest introduction, Acharya Saurabh, Mohit Manik, Sudars, Sujal, Abhishek of the institute offered Vedic invocation and prayed for good luck for the program, on this occasion Acharya Anju Bala, Dimple Sharma, Lalita Vaidya were present. doing. Acharya Mahendra Upadhyay ji, the manager of the institute, arranged the entire program. On this special occasion, 50 people including Vaidya Akanksha Sharma, Krishna ji, Arya, Nitya, Naksh were present in the dignitaries of the city.