Sanskrit is at the root of Sanatan culture- Prof. Kanchan


Indian culture has been absorbed in the unbroken tradition of Sanatan Dharma from the time of Saidav itself.

In the history of the world, many types of problems have come up again and again, yet our Sanatan culture and Sanskrit language have always remained in existence because spiritual knowledge is sitting at its root. In the middle of the 15-day fortnightly camp of Gita and rituals conducted by Chudamani Sanskrit Sansthan, in order to spread the Sanskrit propaganda, Prof. Umashankar Chaturvedi Kanchan ji threw serious light on the subject of Sanskrit language as well as the influence of Dogri on Hindi language and how other languages ​​are related to the grammar of Sanskrit. Kanchan ji was giving his lecture as the chief guest.

As a special guest, requested L. Umashankar ji to contemplate deeply on Kashmiri literature and its present utility. He also got a glimpse on Basohli’s painting and its specialty and emphasized on more and more people associated with this tradition. In the course of the Sanskrit Prasar Prasar Yatra, on the 5th day this yatra reached the Chudamani Sanskrit Sansthan Basohli, a total of 14 seekers have come in the yatra.

Ms. Anuranjika Chaturvedi threw light on the subject of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and what are the benefits of studying it. Acharya Mahendra Upadhyay ji, the manager of the institute, made proper arrangements for all the passengers, on this occasion, Acharya Surend Shastri and Acharya Saurav Sharma ji, along with batuks, enthralled everyone through Vedic invocations and other presentations. Giving detailed information about the stage operation and fortnightly camp on this occasion, Acharya Abhishek Kumar Upadhyay, Principal of the Institute, spoke on the subject of what is the need of conducting this Sanskrit Yatra and camp for spreading such life-motivating Sanskrit propaganda in the global pandemic Karona. Mentioned point. On this occasion, Acharya Dimple, Ms. Akanksha Sharma Vaidya ji, Venket Krishnaji, Abhishek Chaturvedi, Nitin Sharma were present on this occasion. A number of 70 dignitaries, including all the seekers of the camp, should be present on this special occasion.