Div Com asks Imams to reinforce COVID precautionary mesures at shrines, mosques


SRINAGAR, JANUARY 13: The Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Pandurang K Pole on Thursday held virtual meet with Imams, Khateebs, Ulemas, Mutwalies of mosques and shrines of the Waqf Board regarding reinforcement of Covid-19 guidelines at religious places besides creating mass awareness among people.

The meeting was also attended by all Deputy Commissioners, Director Health, Director Tourism, Chairman Waqf Board, Epidemiologist DCCRK and other officers.

On the occasion, he appreciated the role of Imams, Ulemas and Khateebs during the 1st and 2nd waves of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Divisional Commissioner reminded them about their  religious and social responsibility to play even much  better role in educating people by reiterating the covid precautionary messages frequently on loud speakers besides strictly enforce observance of SOPs including physical distancing, wearing of masks, use of sanitizers, avoiding physical contacts and discouraging crowds.  Further, Pole asked them to use their moral authority to sensitize people.

Div Com asked them to use electronic and social media to disseminate awareness regarding Covid Appropriate Behavior and  its  compliance. He said that we are going through a third wave which may last for about one hundred days.

Pole stressed on involving more efforts to tackle the emerging situation effectively and efficiently. He said we need to take responsibility at individual and collective level to overcome the challenges of the third wave.

While referring to the successful outcome of administrative efforts in J&K particularly in the valley during the last two phases of the virus as compared to other parts of the country, he said that administration needs to be fully prepared besides seeking simultaneous support of religious influencers and the general public.

He added that the third wave is highly contagious but patients mostly develop mild symptoms so maximum affected persons would require home isolation. In this regard, Div Com reiterated for adopting self restrictions, regulations and isolation to contain spread of virus.

He emphasized on sensitization of people five times a day by Imams and khateebs of Mosques and Shrines.

On the occasion, the religious leaders assured the Divisional Commissioner of their support and cooperation during this difficult phase of pandemic like before to make efforts of the government successful.