Jammu & Kashmir | Raids by State Investigation Agency underway in Poonch district, in a terror funding case.


Today on 28.09.2022 SIA Jammu conducted multiple raids and searches of houses of suspected persons situated at different locations in district Poonch and Rajouri respectively.

The three teams carried out simultaneous search / raids in different areas of Rajouri and Poonch at village Dharati, tehsil Balakote, village Kuniyan, tehsil Haveli Poonch and village Julass, tehsil Haveli in connection with Case FIR No 02/2022 P/S JIC/SIA Jammu relating to terror funding cases and OGW network active in the area.

The raids were aimed to investigate the proceeds of terror finances being used in creating assets and raising the funds for further use in terror ecosystem. The raids were conducted after getting the search warrants from the competent court.

The raids were carried out by SIA Jammu with the help of district administration and district police to investigate the terror links and terror financing modules present in the area. It is worth mentioning that during the course of raids at different locations raiding parties recovered various incriminating material including documents and some digital devices which will be analyzed for further investigation by SIA.