J&K | Jammu: PM Narendra Modi says, “I have full faith in you and we will make ‘Viksit Jammu and Kashmir.’ Your dreams of 70 years will be fulfilled by Modi in the coming years. Earlier, only disappointing news of bombs, kidnappings and separation used to come from Jammu and Kashmir, but now Jammu and Kashmir is developing and moving forward…”


Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, “It is a big blessing for us that you have come here from very far. I have been told that people are listening to this program through the LED screens installed in 285 blocks.

“We have taken a ‘sanklap’ of ‘Viksit Jammu and Kashmir’. I have full faith in you and I know that we will make Jammu and Kashmir ‘viksit’. Your dreams remained unfulfilled for the past 70 years. However, Modi will fulfill your dreams in the next few years,” says PM Narendra Modi after inaugurating and laying foundation stone of multiple development projects worth Rs 32,000 crore in Jammu.

“Article 370 was the biggest roadblock in the development of Jammu and Kashmir. However, the BJP government has abrogated it. Jammu and Kashmir is moving towards a overall development now. It is because of the abrogation of Article 370, I have urged the people to help BJP win 370 seats and NDA win 400 seats in (2024 Lok Sabha) elections,” says PM Narendra Modi in Jammu.

Record number of schools, colleges, universities established in India in last 10 years; in JK alone, 50 new degree colleges set up. Article 370 was main hurdle in development of JK, BJP govt abrogated it. After abrogation of Article 370, Jammu and Kashmir moving towards balanced development, says PM Modi in Jammu