`Disabled Santa’ is healping the poor in Brazil


Brazil, December 25: A Brazilian man known as “Ivanildo do Skate,” dressed as Santa Claus, asks for donations for children from people in traffic, in Brasilia, Brazil, Wednesday, reports Reuters.

Jose Ivanildo Leandro da Silva is disabled and gets about on his skateboard, skirting between cars to ask for donations for the neediest children of Brazil’s capital.

His efforts have prompted locals to dub him ‘Ivanildo do Skate,’ and he hopes his Santa suit will help him reach his goal of collecting aid for 600 children.

Da Silva told Reuters that during the coronavirus pandemic the donations have decreased, but his resilience still sees him heading out to the streets.

Brasilia’s disabled Santa suffered from infantile paralysis at six months of age and lost the movement of his legs. He moved to Brasilia from his hometown Alagoas and after living in the capital for 20 years he is well known locally for his efforts to help others.