Ikkjutt Jammu express surprise over BJP-Azad attempts to befriend each other


Jammu: Ikkjutt Jammu, a extreme right wing organisation which sees settlement of even Gujjars and Bakarwals in forests as part of attempts to change demography of Hindu dominated areas of Jammu region, on Wednesday expressed surprise over the “overt and covert attempts” of the BJP and former LoP and Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad to cultivate and befriend each other, warning that any attempt of the ruling party to launch the latter would be suicidal, especially for the alreadyy suffering people of Jammu province.

“The very talk in certain quarters that the ruling party may launch Azad has disturbed a vast majority of the people of Jammu province,” claimed Ikkjutt Jammu chairman Ankur Sharma, adding that that “the fear of the people of Jammu that unholy hobnobbing between the ruling party and Azad is real”.

The Ikkjutt Jammu chairman asserted that the “memories of what GN Azad-led coalition government did in 2007 and 2008 to undermine secular polity, further damage Jammu province and hurt the religious sensitivities of the devotees of Lord Shiva are too fresh to be forgotten”. “The memories of the manner in which Azad government introduced Sharia in J&K and defeated Bills on secularism, socialism, National Tricolour, citizenship rights to the Hindu-Sikh refugees from West Pakistan, adequate representation to Jammu province in the assembly, five year life of the assembly the same year still linger in the Jammu’s mind,” Ankur Sharma said.

He added “who in the country doesn’t know that it was the Azad-led government that amended the atrocious Roshni Act to not only cause a loss of Rs 25000 crore to the state exchequer but also to allow certain categories  of people to loot and plunder the state and forest land, mostly in Jammu, to change its demographic profile”. “The worst part of the whole horrible situation was that Azad followed in the footsteps of NC president and former CM Farooq Abdullah to occupy state/forest land in Jammu’s Bathindi area and constructed illegally a huge mansion over it,” said Ankur Sharma, adding that “it would be an affront to the self-respect of the people of Jammu province and accord dangerous respectability to the kind of politics Azad played if the ruling party launched him in any form and at any level”.

Sharma also reminded that “it was the Azad-led coalition government which in 2007 implemented the Wazir Commission Report in a wrong way to jeopardize the legitimate interests of the people of Jammu province and appease and please the already rather privileged and pampered people of Kashmir”. “Did he not create four new districts in Kashmir, as against one as recommended by the Wazir Commission, and only four districts in Jammu, as against three as recommended by the Commission,” he asked.     

Ikkjutt Jammu chairman expressed the hope that the ruling party at the Centre would look all these facts in the face and not do anything that hurts the national sentiment and cause a grievous injury to the rights and interests of the people of Jammu province.

Regarding the cold-blooded murder of innocent Akash Mehra, son of the owner of the iconic Krishna Dhaba, Srinagar, by “Islamic terrorists’’ two weeks ago in the heart of the Srinagar City, Ikkjutt chairman said that “it was a well-planned terror attack caused to repeat Genocide of about 3000 Hindus in Kashmir so that they also leave Valley like the 5 lakh Hindus who after facing acts of Genocide had to leave from Kashmir in January 1990”. He also asserted that “the Srinagar terror attack on Akash Mehra was also calculated to frighten the Hindus of Jammu province” and added that “the people of Jammu province would not allow the Islamic terrorists to succeed in their sinister game plan” and “the people of the province would not allow them to create a Kashmir-like situation in Jammu province”.

Ikkjutt Jammu chairman urged the Union Government to “eliminate the menace of terrorism and Islamic jihad with a strong hand and separate Jammu province from Kashmir coupled with creation a a UT within Kashmir for Kashmiri Hindus so that the people of Jammu province become master in their own house and promote the vital national interests in this strategic part of the country’’.