India facing danger of narco-terror: Amit Shah


GANDHINAGAR (Gujarat) : India is facing the danger of narco-terror, said Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday.
Shah on Monday inaugurated the Centre of Excellence for Research and Analysis of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotrophic Substances at National Forensic Sciences University in Gandhinagar.

Speaking at the occasion, Shah said, “When the government was formed for the second time under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it was decided that this centre should be attached to Gujarat’s Forensic Science University. I am confident that this university will extend to other states and youth will get the opportunity to contribute to forensic science. We are becoming self-reliant in cyber defense and bariatric research.”
The Union Home Minister further said the country is facing the challenge of narco terror.
“India is facing another danger: narco-terror. The Centre has decided that we will not let narcotics enter our country and not let India become its pathway. It is important to stop this,” stated Shah.
He further emphasised the need to adopt scientific tools for quicker and efficient investigations.
“This is not the era of the third degree. We have to organize the criminal justice system. For this, forensic science will play a major role. Our investigation should be based on scientific evidence,” added Shah. (AGENCY)